About Us

Set in the warm Mediterranean climate of far western Victoria, Glenelg River Herbs is Australia’s major supplier of the herb rosemary for all sectors of the culinary market. In addition to supplying premium quality fresh rosemary all year round for markets, supermarkets, providores and food processors, we also grow fresh sage, thyme and oregano. All of our herbs are also available as a premium quality dried herb, available in small or bulk quantities.

All of our products are grown pesticide free, harvested according to best practice harvesting and delivered fresh to you using our established cool chain partners.

With Freshcare Quality Assurance certification Glenelg River Herbs guarantee a quality culinary herb.


It was in 1996 that Christina Hindhaugh began trialling a variety of herbs on her wool growing property “Englefield” south of Balmoral, keen to discover a herb species most suitable for her Balmoral soils and climate.

In 1998 Christina toured USA, France and the UK on a Churchill Fellowship to research herb markets and production techniques.
Rosemary was found to satisfy two significant criteria: it best suited the climate and soil types available; and it appeared that rosemary was under-supplied in an emerging market, in comparison with supply and demand of other fresh herbs.

In 2000 Glenelg River Rosemary Pty Ltd was established by Christina Hindhaugh and her good friend and neighbour Anita Watt.
Glenelg River Rosemary secured a long-term lease on 12 hectares of land and by September 2000 had planted 49,000 rosemary seedlings. The first harvest was undertaken 6 months later.

Today our business is spread across three broad acre farming properties including “Englefield” and “Tralee” to the South of Balmoral and our most northern block, “Changbool” across the Glenelg River in the Wimmera. With 25 hectares of land currently home to over 170,000 rosemary bushes, today we are the biggest supplier of quality fresh rosemary in Australia.

As part of our vision for Glenelg River Rosemary paddocks are replanted on a 5 – 6 year rotation ensuring an ongoing supply of quality rosemary long into the future.

In 2016 we made a decision to rebrand the business as Glenelg River Herbs to better reflect the expansion into culinary herb varieties beyond rosemary. Our current range includes oregano, sage and thyme, and of course, rosemary.

Christina Hindhaugh, OAM

Christina Hindhaugh (dec.) was awarded the Order of Australia Medal in 2014 for service to the community of Balmoral, and to women in Agriculture.

As a Co-Founder of Glenelg River Rosemary (now Glenelg River Herbs) in 2000, Christina led early efforts to establish what is now the largest Rosemary Farm in the Southern Hemisphere. Her pioneering spirit lives on today in the team that manages the day to day operations of Glenelg River Herbs.

Community Involvement

Rosemary for remembrance.

Rosemary has long been purported to assist with memory and focus, which is why it is commonly seen on lapels on ANZAC Day. It also grows wild on the Gallipoli Peninsula. We are proud to support the local operations like Operation Rosemary and Rosemary for Remembrance through the donation of hundreds of kilos of fresh rosemary for ANZAC sprigs each year.

Loose Rosemary Sprigs